☼ 3D Pen – 2nd Gen 3D Drawing Pen, Bonus Extra Long 6 Foot Power Cord and LED Display, ABS or PLA Compatible by Toddles Waddles ☼

Our Toddle Waddles LIFETIME Guarantee (Manufacturer’s Warranty)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your 3D pen then let us know right away. We will do everything in our power to make it right. At Toddle Waddles we almost too passionate about customer service. This 3D drawing pen manufacturers warranty is almost too good to be true. It is good for life and not one question will be asked. No hassle for you at all. Stress free!

Amazing Features For You

Our 3D pen comes with a long 6 foot cable. We have used other 3d printer pens and many times it would come out of the socket and turn off. Or even worse the cable would tighten over the table and knock over our creations. What a pain!

An LED display right on the pen lets you know what temperature the 3d pen is at and what 3d pen filament you are using. No guess work to make things nice and easy. Just fun kids play and nothing complicated.

ABS or PLA? What? This 3D pen can be used with both. Why does that matter? It matters because ABS is less expensive but can give off a smell. PLA costs a bit more but has little to no smell. PLA is considered higher quality. Your choice!

Our 3D pen package comes with some sample PLA filament and a holder to put your pen in when you need both hands. Great package.

Smooth extrusion at a constant speed. This matters a lot to the 3D pen artist because to make amazing art you need steady hands and smooth lines. This pen does that . Just add imagination.

Specifications You Might Want To Know About

1.75mm Filament Diameter

0.7mm Nozzle Diameter

AC Adaptor: 100/250 Volt

Weight: .143 Pounds

Compatible with ABS or PLA filaments

What Are The Package Contents?

1 X 3D Pen

1 X AC Adaptor Cord (6 foot)

1 X Ceramic Stand

1 X Sample PLA Filament

1 X User Manual

Product Features

  • ☼ LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: The ultimate stress free manufacturer’s warranty. If you are unhappy with this 3D printing pen in anyway just let us know and we will make it right. If you or your kid loves pen art then you don’t want a sub par product. We stand behind our quality and customer service (See Details)
  • ☼ 6 FOOT POWER CABLE AND LED DISPLAY: Other 3D Pen brands give you a short 4 foot cable that just doesn’t reach. Our 6 foot power cable gives you freedom of movement so your 3D pen can make amazing pen art. This 2nd generation 3D Pen also had an LED on the side to let you know what temperature you are at and what filament you can use. Very simple to use that makes it a perfect 3D pen for kids
  • ☼ QUALITY PRODUCT YOU CAN TRUST: Toddle Waddles has a rigorous inspection and quality process. We don’t just inspect these 3D drawing pens once. We do this twice. And with a 3rd party company. We stand behind our quality with our amazing lifetime warranty and unmatched customer service
  • ☼ USE ANY 3D PEN FILAMENT: Our 3D printer pen can use any plastic molding filament, ABS or PLA. ABS has a lower cost but your 3D pen will smell a bit. PLA has zero smell and many say is a higher grade of plastic to use with your 3D pen. The beauty of a Toddle Waddles 3D pen is that you do not have to choose. You can get the filament that you want. It works with both ABS or PLA
  • ☼ ERGONOMIC AND LONG LASTING: Our lightweight design and removable ceramic tip make the 3D drawing pen easy to use and can be very easily maintained. The small size is great for kids or adults. This makes a great educational product for kids and as a great gift for birthdays or the holidays

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  1. Great 3d Pen! I’ve been researching 3d pens for the last few weeks and I decided that I would start small and find an inexpensive pen to test. I looked at ebay, alibaba, etc. but i just wasn’t sure I’d get a quality product. Browsing Amazon this week I came across this 3d pen, the price was right and I figured the time was right, so I purchases.Today the pen arrived. My daughter and I unboxed it and got started right away. The process is so easy to get started. We had fun drawing hearts and…

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