2017 Newest High Performance Shining 3D Einstart-S Desktop 3D Printer (Alloy Framework, High Accuracy, Stability and Speed, Large Build Size) – Blue

Shining 3D was founded in 2004 and successfully got listed in OTC stock market on August 8, 2014, becoming China’s first OTC stock in 3D digitizing and 3D printing industry.Einstart-S desktop 3D printer, developed by Shining3D. It is the second generation desktop 3D printer of Shining3D.

Einstart-S is designed for home or research institute use, features in easy operation, unique one-press printing design, meets all the needs of 3D printing. Any user can operate the printer within 10 minutes and print the first 3D model to have fun.

Equipment Dimension(mm) 300*320*390

Build Size(mm) 160*160*160

Printing Accuracy(mm) 0.15-0.35

Print Head Single

Nozzle Diameter(mm) 0.4

Material PLA

inside Breathing Light Yes

Control Software 3D START 1.3(Graphic interface)

Filament Pause-and-chage Yes

Display Screen OLED LCD

Filament Tray Built-in

Printing Speed(cm?/h) 24

Axis Runn

Product Features

  • Easy to use no PC connection needed. Full metal framework ensures high print quality. Pre-assembled.
  • Support .stl file from all design software. Support all 3rd party 1.75mm PLA filament.
  • Non toxic filament, protected print head, safe for open environment usage. No calibration needed.
  • Smart Control Software offers print pause, filament change, temperature/ sprint speed adjust.
  • Comprehensive customer support, Regular Firmware/ control software Upgrade. Mature user community.

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2 thoughts on “2017 Newest High Performance Shining 3D Einstart-S Desktop 3D Printer (Alloy Framework, High Accuracy, Stability and Speed, Large Build Size) – Blue”

  1. Owned 6 different brands of printers and this is by far the best. I did not purchase these printers on Amazon. I do own 4 of them, two set up in my office, and two that I use to for clients. As a university engineering student who does high output printing, these printers are amazing. To start, you can begin prints right out of the box and there is very little calibration needed. Each printer has over 80 print hours with the most used one having an excess of 170 hours of use. I have been able to print PLA, Nylon, and carbon fibre infused PLA out of these…

  2. There’s a learning curve with any 3D printer. This is our first 3D printer. I got it for my 11 year old and I was drawn to all of the reviews that mentioned how quickly it would up up-and-running. 4 stars is admittedly an arbitrary rating because I had no expectations other than Youtube videos when ordering it. It performs very well compared to some of the similarly priced models I saw on Youtube. Our first print didn’t turn out very well — filament will not stick to this platform. The quick start guide didn’t mention any pre-print…

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