3D Doodler Pen, Tecboss 3D Printer Pen 3D Printing Pen for Kids and Adults- Indicator Light, USB Charge, 2PCS Filament Refills, Compatible with PLA and PCL Model – Black

Whether you are a kid, a hobbyist, or an artist, a 3D printing pen is a fun and innovative tool. It can enhance your creativity and help you get a better understanding of three-dimensional objects.

What is a 3D Pen?
3D pen looks like a bulkier version of an ordinary pen or a pencil but instead of using lead or ink, the 3D pen operates using plastic.
This is a top-notch technological development that has caught the attention of artists and people who love to explore their creative brains and craft great pieces of art.

☺Simplified and Intuitive Controls – This pen comes with accessible and easy to press buttons to make 3D printing easier.
☺Light Indicator – Includes ambient light bar that indicates when the device is on. So, you need not guess if the pen is powered on or still off.
☺Advanced Drive System – Create has a reliable drive system that provides the pen a smoother and faster operation.

Tecboss is the most user-friendly brand on market. This works well for hobbyists, crafters, artists, and professionals, alike. It is best for art, DIY projects, scale models and even decorative items.

Product Features

  • TWO FILAMENTS MODES: Tecboss 3D printing pen is capable of using 1.75mm PLA and PCL filaments, you can choose to use whatever 3D printing material. it provides the low and safe temperature control to melt filament for avoiding of burning risk;
  • TWO POWER SUPPLY MODES: It works well with regular 5V USB charge, so you can even power it by using your power bank or use the USB adapter;
  • ONE BUTTON TO CONTROL: This 3D pen is specified with easy-to-use design, one button to control, embedded with the intelligent chip for steady temperature and extrusive speed control;
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The 3D printer pen is using patented ceramic nib that can dissipate heat better, and extend the life of the pen;
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: It includes the 3D printer pen, USB charge cable, 2 PCL filament refills, 2 silicone fingertip protectors and instruction manual guide.

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3 thoughts on “3D Doodler Pen, Tecboss 3D Printer Pen 3D Printing Pen for Kids and Adults- Indicator Light, USB Charge, 2PCS Filament Refills, Compatible with PLA and PCL Model – Black”

  1. If you have ever been fascinated by 3D printing, and wanting something new and easy to get started, this 3D pen is certainly the way to go. It is not the industrial size of an actual 3D printer, and it is not nearly as complex. It’s held like a pen, it’s released with the push of a button, it’s charged easily, and you just start drawing. It will take some time to get used to it, and get used to the fact that you can’t draw it like you would a pen or pencil, but once you get the hang of it you…

  2. I always wanted to check out what all the fuss about 3D printing and such but its way to expensive so I bought this 3D pen, I can honestly say that it is harder to make things more than I anticipated. The filament is not expensive but for myself seems like it doesn’t last, so ill be ordering more of that later. As far as the pen itself its got a nice weight, sits right in the hand, button placements are a bit off, but not much to be concerned about there since the button you need to push the…

  3. This was my first 3d pen. I have a couple of 3d printers and wanted the experience of using a 3d pen so this is the one I decided to go with to get started. This comes with everything needed to get started.The instructions are very clear on how to use this pen. There are two buttons, one for choosing the filament type being used and the other to control the filament feed. The filament the pen comes with is something call PCL and it feeds and prints great. This filament prints and a…

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