3D Pen Filament, PACKGOUT 3D Pen Filament Plastic Printer Refill of 7Colours 1.75mm Linear 230 Feet PLA (No Odor and Fumes)

Young parents want their children to think independently in the future and have creativity.
PACKGOUT 3D pen will be a good choose, safe and high quality 3D pen and filament can bring more fun to the child while improving the children’s creative thinking.

PACKGOUT 3D filament has 7 different colors which can create a variety three-dimensional model.
You can exit the previous color filament and insertion new color filament from the end of the pen when you need change the color.

PACKGOUT 3D filament refills with 7 loops, each with 32.8 feet, total 230 feet long, far more than other sellers 20 feet per loop specifications. The extra material will save you more money.

PACKGOUT 3D filament refills selection of polylactic acid (PLA) which has more thermoplastic, you can printing tom cat, mickey mouse, castle, tank, car, bike, etc.

Difference between PLA and ABS:
When printing PLA, the smell of marshmallow smell, unlike ABS, like the bad smell of the nose
PLA can print a large part model without a heating bed and the corners do not tilt.

PLA processing temperature is 200 ℃, ABS above 220 ℃.
PLA has a low shrinkage rate, even when printing larger size models.
PLA has a lower melt strength, print model is easier to shape, excellent surface gloss, colorful.

7 loops are used in vacuum packaging, reducing the space occupied at the same time can prevent the filament leakage, work is very fine.

Product Features

  • 7 UNIQUE COLORS: PACKGOUT 3D pen filament refills with 7 different colcors, you can create a variety three-dimensional model with these colors
  • BIODEGRADABLE MATERIALS: Selection of polylactic acid (PLA), compared to ABS material with tasteless smoke-free safety biodegradable properties, more secure for children
  • EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY: 1.75mm filament suitable for most of this caliber 3D pen and printer (size accuracy +/- 0.05 mm)
  • MORE COST EFFECTIVE: 3D pen filament with 7 loops, each with 32.8 feet, total 230 feet long, far more than other sellers 20 feet per loop specifications
  • PROVIDE FREE TEMPLATE: PACKGOUT SHOP has a free 3D production template and video can download and learn, just send us an email after purchased

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