3D Pen Professional 3D Printing Pen/ 3D Drawings Kit


1. Connect DC end to the pen and AC end to AC outlet, the “Blue logo LED” is on, shows that the devide come into standby mode.

2. Press “Feed filament key”, the red “Working indicator LED” ison, shows the device come into preheating mode, about 1 minute later (Heating time is influenced by environmental temperature), when the red indicator LED turns to blue LED, shows preheating is finished. then you can strart drawing.

3. Firstly, please trim filament both ends and make them flat. Inser the filament into the “Consumable import hole”, Short press “Feed filament key”. the filament will be delivered by the inner motor. When the filament comes out, indicates it load successfully. Tips: shor press “Feed filament key” to sned filament, press again to stop sending filament.

4. There are three speed to meet users’ demand, the default is medium speed, You can adjust the discharging speed by short/long press “Discharging speed+key” “Discharging speed-key”, “Speed LED1” means the low speed, “Speed LED2” means the medium speed, both LED lights on means the high speed.

5. Please don’t touch “Discharging nozzle” and surrounding areas when it is working.

6. If you want to return filament while it is working , please press “Return filament key” for 1 second.

7. If you don’t feed it for 3 minutes, the device will turn to standby mode, and it will return the filament automatically. “Working indicator LED” “Speed LED1” “Speed LED2” are off at the same time.

3D pen weight: 60g
Discharging mode: Hot melt extrusion molding
Graffiti range: Unlimited
Forming mode: Three-dimensional shape
Discharging speed: Adjustable
Heating temperature: Around 200℃
Working voltage: 6V/2A
Nozzle diameter: 0.6mm +/- 0.1mm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm +/- 0.03mm

Product Features

  • With this magic 3D pen, you can draw on pater, clothes or even in the air!
  • 4th Generation (2016 newest version), brand new design, more color to choose
  • Easy to hold and draw, perfect gifts for kids above 6 years old
  • We send 2 lots PLA filament material (10 meters long each), much better than ABS material.
  • Package List: 1x 3D pen, 1x Charger, 1x User Manual, 2x PLA Filament Material (random color)

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