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What if 3D Printing could be twice as easy?

Have you ever printed something awesome on your 3D printer only to struggle getting it off of the print bed? A successful print means not only that the design is made with the right materials, but also that it is transported off of the printer bed efficiently and effectively.

Don’t let your 3D prints ruin just because of how they stick to the print bed. Every successful maker, engineer, architect and artist knows that having the right tool is essential to getting the job done well.

Introducing….the artisan spirit of your 3D printer.

Made of carbon steel that is both flexible and durable, the 3D Print Removal Tool is an integral part of every professional maker’s arsenal.

• In order to remove prints off the printer bed, insert the tip of the 3D print removal tool underneath the print. Use a sawing motion with the blade to separate the print from the bed.
• Alternatively, if the print is firmly stuck push the edged tip of the tool underneath the print. This will bring the thicker part of the blade underneath the object. Use the wood handle as a lever to pry the part off of the bed.

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Product Features

  • Makes 3D Printing Twice As Easy!
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Does Not Break
  • Strong And Stiff
  • Will Not Scar The Print Bed Surface

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3 thoughts on “3D Print Removal Tool – Thick, Wood Grain Handle Putty Knife – Professional 3D Printing Tools”

  1. This removal tool has been an excellent addition to my arsenal of crafting tools This removal tool has been an excellent addition to my arsenal of crafting tools. I’ve loved using this particular tool for everything from removing puff paint from glass, vinyl decals, old wallpaper, & even smoothing wood / nail filler & spackling. The handle is nice and thick so I can get a nice grip on it and the rivets are perfectly placed to ensure a quality product without added pressure on my hands. I have not had any troubles with this tool and am pleased with my purchase for its…

  2. This is a very nice and durable tool. Although it is a 3D print removal tool this would be perfect for so many other things. In all honesty i ordered this to remove wallpaper at my mothers house.Although i am almost sure that this will do a great job for what it is made for i cannot attest to that as i don’t actually have a 3D machine to test this out on.I can tell you that this is a top quality tool. It has a nice size wood handle. The handle is contoured to fit your…

  3. I’m a photographer but I also have a small graphic design business, and this 3D Print Removal tool comes in handy when it comes to removing vinyl. My nails can only remove vinyl for a short time before breaking and causing pealing but with this tool I can leave my nails out of it while being more time efficient. To be honest, I think there are many things that could be done nicely with this tool as an alternative to its intended used with a 3D printer.The removal tool itself…

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