3D printed equipment facilitates farming in Myanmar

This photo taken on November 2, 2016 shows farmers working at a farm in Nyaungdon township in Irrawaddy Region. © AFP

Engineers armed with 3D printers are using cutting edge technology to revolutionize farming in Myanmar.

Farmers used to have a difficult time using ancient and badly-made tools; but a non-profit business called Proximity Designs is now bringing hope to Myanmar’s agricultural sector using 3D printing.

Creating 3D printed plastic prototypes can efficiently substitute for time consuming models created by manufacturers while ramping down costs at the same time.

This photo shows a sample of mechanical parts made using 3D printing technology. © AFP

Once the design has been finalized, it is sent to factories overseas for mass production.

So far, the printer has been used to design parts for a sprinkler system and a solar lamp.

A plastic sprinkler nozzle, made using 3D printer technology, at a betel leaf farm in Myanmar. © AFP

The innovative designs are currently being used in Yangon where farmers can already reap rewards from 3D printing including managing previously back-breaking and time tedious tasks rather effortlessly.

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