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3D Printing Projects

This user-friendly family guide to 3D printing is packed with exciting ideas for how to design and print your own toys, gadgets, and models, and doesn’t even require any specialist software.

Using freely available software, 3D Printing Projects provides inspiration and step-by-step visual instruction for both simple builds and more complicated pieces—from coat hooks and small treasure boxes to chess sets and model cars. From designing to scanning to modeling to digital sculpting to slicing to printing, this how-to guide covers it all. Information on the 3D printing revolution and the science behind how it works is also included, so kids can learn even before doing.

Supporting STEAM initiatives and the Maker Movement, 3D Printing Projects is sure to get young makers creating and innovating.

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3D Print Anything

3D Printing. The next Goldrush is on it´s way. Inside information on how to start printing in 3D, where to buy Printers, how to use them, and the newest Pictures and reviews of available 3D Printers.

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  1. Nicely written introduction to 3D printing This is a short but very well illustrated book about 3D printing. It includes a good working explanation of the parts of a 3D printer, the tech behind it and the supporting tools and software to successfully utilize a 3D printer to design and produce useful items.The first part of the book (roughly 20% of the content) introduces tools and materials and moves on to a short explanation of designing including 3D geometric (based on geometric shapes) and organic modeling (curved…

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