3D Printing Utility Tool #2 – Pick and Precision Blade for Support Removal in Hidden and otherwise Tight Areas

Our precision 3D print utility tool #2 from the AMX3d 3D Print Utility Tools Collection has a stainless steel pick on one end and a narrow blade on the other, This tool will make quick work of removing any close quarters, difficult to reach support.
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Product Features

  • Great general Utility Tool for 3D Printers and 3D Model Clean-up – this tool is designed for support removal in tight locations.
  • Precision made steel ends with comfortable stained and polished wooden handle.
  • Steel pick on one end, narrow blade on the other – Cut and pry excess support with the same tool!
  • From the AMX3d 3D Print Utility Tools Collection, this tool is a great gift for the serious 3D Printer that “has everything”

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