3DSWAY 3D Printer Parts 12V 404010mm Hydraulic Bearing Blow Radial Cooling Fan Turbo Fan with XH2.54-2P Wire Pack of 5pcs

Hydraulic fan is the fan between oil-bearing fan and ball bearing fan. It is cheap but with long life and the advantages of ultra-quiet fan. In a word, it is a highly cost-effective product.

Product size: 40mm*10mm, the line length: 150mm, 2.54 white terminal plugs.

General Specification: Outline Dimension: 40*40*10mm
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Voltage Range: DC7V ~ DC13.2V
Rated Current: 0.06A+10%.
Rated Power Consumption: 0.72W
Speed: 5500RPM±10%.
Min. Airvolume Fiow: Over 4.52CFM.
Max. Static Pressure: 5.15mm-H2O.
Noise Level: 28.6dB(A).
Life Expentancy: 30000hrs at 40 ℃.
No. of Pole: 4
Rotating Direction: Counter-Clockwise.

Electrical Specification:

Polarity Protection: Open circuit when Vcc & GND are exchanged;Circuit won’t be burned within 5 seconds when Vcc & GND are exchanged.
Insulation Resistance: 10 M” / b/w unshielded wire and frame at 500 VDC/min. .
Dielectric Strength: 5 mA Max. / Measured b/w lead wire (+) and frame at 500 VAC/min .
Operating Temp.Range: Temperature:-10℃~70℃; Humidity: 35%~85%.

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Product Features

  • Speed:5500RPM±10%
  • Life Expentancy:30000hrs at 40 ℃
  • Min. Airvolume Flow:Over 4.52CFM

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