3DSWAY 3D Printer Parts General Add-on Heated Bed Power Expansion Module High Power Module for 3D Printer

With this addon module to your 3D printer motherboard you can lead the maximum current up to 25A.

If you intend to use heated bed with your 3D printer that uses a 12V power supply, then this module is recommended, else it may cause excessive current during times which may burn the connectors on the controller board.

If you need anything greater or equal to 15A this module is a must!
For example, if your total power usage is 240W and you have 12V power supply, then it means at least 20A is needed (20X12=240W). As ChiTu controller board is only capable of 15A this setting will not work. To make it work, you need this extra power module.

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Product Features

  • General Add-on Heated Bed Power Expansion Module

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