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ABS Slurry Kit for 3D Printing

What is ABS Slurry?

ABS Slurry (also called ABS Juice) is used when 3D printing ABS to get your prints to stick to your print surface. ABS Slurry is made from mixing ABS plastic with acetone.

The EASY way to make your own ABS Slurry

This kit contains everything you need to make your own ABS Slurry except for the acetone. We have included detailed instructions on making and using ABS juice so that even someone who has never used ABS slurry can do it.

Bottle made for ABS Slurry

Our special bottle is made for holding your ABS Slurry and dispensing it safely. Our ABS Slurry bottle won’t warp or melt from acetone or ABS Slurry. It has a special pump that won’t spray your ABS Slurry, it will apply it directly where you need it

Product Features

  • ABS Slurry Bottle for holding ABS Juice/Slurry
  • Pure ABS Resin Pellets (10+ bottles worth)
  • Measuring Spoon for Pellets
  • Rag for applying ABS Slurry
  • Made in USA

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