ALUNAR M506 Control board for ALUNAR Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3 Kit 3D Printer Main board Self Assembly 3D Printer Mother board

This is a control board for ALUNAR 3D Printer M506
Main board for ASIN:B01EYCAOGO
3D printer mother board for ALUNAR M506 Prusa 3D printer

Pay attention:
This main board is only for ALUNAR M506 3D printer
not for ALUNAR 3D printer M505
they look like the same,but actually different
Please pay more attention before your order!

1.Do not plug or unplug and wire or module when power is on
2.Do not even touch the board when power is on or your hand has static charge
(you can remove static charge by touching metal tap) .
3.Always double check power wire is properly installed.
If you do not follow above alert,
you will damage the control board and your 3D printer.

Product Features

  • DIY 3d printer ALUNAR printer control board
  • for ASIN B01EYCAOGO only
  • Main board for ALUNAR self assembly 3D printer M506
  • Motherboard for ALUNAR desktop prusa 3D printer kit M506

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