Antique Bronze Metallic Brown PLA 3D Printing Filament  (3.00 mm, 0.5 kg) Made in the USA

Antique Bronze PLA has a metallic antique bronze or dull gold sheen to it that is well suited to prints of metal items like architectural elements such as pipes or sculptures, steam punk designs, ball bearings, musical instruments, medals, tools and jewelry. PLA has little to no odor when printing making it safe to work with in any environment. Create your designs effortlessly! Print temperature: 225 degrees Celsius Print speed:30-60 mm/sec Infill speed:maximum of 70 mm/sec Extrusion multiplier: 0.9-0.95

Product Features

  • dark bronze metallic sheen in a PLA filament
  • Print temperature: 225 degrees Celsius
  • Make architectural features like pipes, sculptures or tools
  • Compatible with most of desktop FDM / FFF 3D printer models
  • odorless

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2 thoughts on “Antique Bronze Metallic Brown PLA 3D Printing Filament  (3.00 mm, 0.5 kg) Made in the USA”

  1. Great PLA. very nice color, and made in USA! Bought this PLA because I was looking for American made filament. I was already familiar with Proto-Pasta and Taulman so I thought I’d roll the dice on these guys.Excellent quality PLA. Ran into one hiccup early on for the 27 hour print and it was within the first 15 minutes. There was a jam, but I paused the print, cut off the offending piece and left it going overnight.The color is fantastic. A really nice uniform bronze. No sparkles or glitter, just a nice color.The…

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