Anycubic Aluminum Heating Block with Thermistor for 3D Printer Makerbot MK7 MK8 Extruder


Item Size: 20x 20 x10mm

Material: Aluminum

Item Weight: 6g/piece

Srew: M6 for heating pipe, M3 for Thermocouple

Heating pipe size: 6mm,

Thermocouple: 3mm,

Cartridge Heater:12V ,40W
Package List:

1*Heating block with thermistor

Product Features

  • Material: aluminum
  • Thermistor: 100K NTC
  • Operating voltage of cooling fan: 12V
  • Compatible with MK7 MK8 extruder
  • Cartridge Heaters:12V ,40W

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