BIQU DIY 3D Three-Dimensional Scanner Adapter Plate for Ciclop 3D Printer Parts

-Ciclop belongs to desktop 3D scanners, which can not match with industrial standard scanners, and it is not suitable for scanning irregular and complex objects, only scan nearly cylindrical object, the effect will be more ideal, there are many factors affect scan result. like scanned objects, environment and light. there is a big relationship between them, so we recommend you scan in Constant Light Studio, scanning results will be better
-The surface of injection molding plastic parts is more smooth and clean
-Compared with printed plastic parts, You do not need to fix it
-It is more durable than plastic parts
-It is more easy to install
-You can stable the board on this plastic parts

Package Included:
1*Arduino uno controller
1*ZUM Scan Expansion board
1*A4988 stepper drive chip
1* 720 HD camera
1* 42 stepper motor
1*16014 bearing
1*12V, 2A adapter
1*200mm acrylic chassis
1*200mm Non-slip mat
1*acrylic Calibration board
1*standard sticker
1*black Winding tape
2*M8*400mm screw
4*M8*170mm screw
1*M8*292mm screw
10*M3*10 screw
10*M3 nut
3*M8*10mm screw
28*M8 nut
18*M8 washer

Product Features

  • Ciclop is a 3D rotational laser triangulation scanner, it uses 2 lasers projected over an object to capture the geometry and texture as it rotates on a turntable
  • Become a part of the 3D scanning open source community today and contribute to the development of 3D scanning technology with the Ciclop
  • The ZUM BT-328 board, based on ArduinoTM, includes improvements and better features than other similar boards, which make it the best option for developing electronics projects
  • ZUM BT-328 executes the control firmware of the motor and the lasers. ZUM SCAN, a shield derived from Arduino CNC Shield, is connected at the top of the scanner
  • Ciclop has been designed with the setup process in mind. The kit includes all the necessary pieces and a step-by-step assembly guide, enabling you to set it up in less than an hour

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