Clear 3D Printing Filament PLA 1.75mm 2.2LBS, Dimensional Accuracy of +/- 0.05mm

About Tactink 3D filament:
Tactink PLA is a special PLA blend with an increased Impact resistance up to 9 times better than regular PLA and 20% Better than ABS. The excellent printing quality and great mechanical strength of Tactink PLA makes this material favorable in a variety of fields, especially amongst prototype designers.
Tactink PLA prints with no noticeable warping, this excellent warping resistance and high printing quality makes our PLA the perfect material for people that require parts with very fine/accurate dimensions; like architectural models, prototypes, props, medical (models for study) and more.

Features & Quality Control:

Extremely Tough: Regular PLA is a very brittle material, limiting its applications. Tactink PLA was developed to offer the easy printing associated with PLA and fantastic mechanical strength. Tactink features an increased impact strength of up to 9 times that of regular PLA and 20% better than ABS.
Warp Free: In optimal 3D printing conditions Tactink printed parts show no noticeable warping! In addition to excellent warping resistance, impact resistance and ductile strength, Tactink offers better printer compatibility, easier printing and no hazardous smells making this material a fantastic replacement for ABS in a variety of circumstances.
Uncompromised Quality: We have achieved the fantastic mechanical strength of Tactink PLA with no compromises in printing quality. Tactink PLA is produced with Jam-Free technology so you can be certain you will enjoy the ease of printing high quality PLA prints with fantastic mechanical strength.
All the Tactink filaments go through an 8 step process of quality control to ensure the filament that reaches your door meets the quality expectations of experienced technicians.

Glass Transition Temp ~60°C
Recommended printing temperature ~190 – 220°C

Product Features

  • Biodegradable and ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly, COOLS QUICKLY, available in both SOLID and translucent colors, gives printed objects a GLOSSY look.
  • Perfect and easy for kids, school, home, showroom, office and electronics fields etc.
  • 1KG (approximately 2.2 lbs) spool, Clear, Vacuumed Sealed with Desiccant.
  • 1.75mm Diameter filament (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm).

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3 thoughts on “Clear 3D Printing Filament PLA 1.75mm 2.2LBS, Dimensional Accuracy of +/- 0.05mm”

  1. Nice and clear PLA Today I am reviewing the 1Kg spool of Clear 1.75mm PLA from Tactink.My order was placed on March 21st and with prime shipping available I received it the on the 24th. The shipment arrived as just fast as my last order which I am happy with. I received the order in an Amazon box large enough for the item. The filament was separately packaged in a box from Tactink, the box has a small window to view the filament color. There was slight damage to the corner of the box inside however,…

  2. Beautifully transparent, and easily printed! I continue to be impressed by Tactink’s PLA. After trying their blue PLA ( ) I was excited to try this clear version.As expected it prints beautifully, and at temps upwards of 240C! I found printing at 235C (above their specs) resulted in a nice print that was a little more transparent, at least when using a 0.8 nozzle. I had no issues…

  3. I really like this filament I weighed and measured this spool, and found the weight to be a bit over a kilogram (I’m assuming that’s the spool) and the several spots I measured with my calipers were within specification. This product is advertised as clear PLA, and having no real experience yet with clear filaments, I was expecting something like a milky white. Instead, what I got was translucent, I can see colors behind the filament, and as you can see in the pictures I’ve included, the infill is visible under the top…

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