Daewon Industries DAE-23456810Kit-MK10 3D Printer M7 Thread Nozzle Cleaning Kit

Kit includes: Nozzles/bits/pin-vise 1) mk10 nozzle for 1.75mm material: Brass filament inlet: 1.75mm fit for: Wahoo duplicator d4/i3/dermal and various makerbot 3d printers please verify that these are the nozzle for you printer. M7 thread mk10 (1 each) .2mm .3mm .4mm .5mm .6mm .8mm 1.0mm 2) custom bit holding pin-vise fits 2.0mm and 3.75mm shank bits 3) nozzle clearing drill bits: (2 each) 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.4mm (1each) 0.5mm 0.6mm 0.8mm 1.0mm cleaning information: These drill bits are of the highest quality you can find but are delicate by nature. Only with the bits can you clear clogs and clean out nozzles of any size. We have bits of larger sizes if you should need them. The delicate nature of the bits means you must be very careful when using them. Do not apply side pressure. North/south movements only. You can clear a cold nozzle if done carefully, but it is highly recommended that you heat the nozzle first. You can leave it on the printer, or take it off. You can even heat it with a blow-torch after removing, but that will blacken the nozzle. Regardless, the nozzle should be fastened or clamped down if removed to avoid movement. Once you get the nozzle firmly set, use the pin-vise to insert the bit slowly. Spin the bit a few rotations and slowly pull it out. The nature of the bit curves will pull out any clogs and you are back in business .

Product Features

  • Will clear nozzles and produce finer prints
  • Shipped in protective plastic case
  • M7 thread mk10 printer nozzles .2mm .3mm .4mm .5mm .6mm .8mm 1.0mm
  • De-clogging bits (2 each) .2mm .3mm .4mm (1 each) .5mm .6mm .8mm 1.0mm
  • 3.5″ comfortably held nozzle cleaning pin-vise tool

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