Dlibuy 2 Meters 4mm OD x 2mm ID PTFE Teflon Tubing (6.6ft Thermal Barrier Tube / Remote Nozzle Feeding Pipe) for 1.75 mm filament 3D Printer Hot End Bowden Extruder

Item Name: Dlibuy Teflon PTFE tube

Color: Milky White
Size: ID 2mm, OD 4mm
Working Temperature Range: -190 to 260 degrees centigrade

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Be able to withstand in strong oxidizing agent, reducing agent, organic solvent and almost all acid (except molten alkali metals, fluoride medium and 300 degrees centigrade sodium hydroxide).

Extremely Strong Insulation
Not affected by the environment and frequency. The volume resistance up to 1018 ohm/cm. Small dielectric loss, and high breakdown voltage.

Excellent Work Stability
Almost unaffected by temperature changes (from -190 to 260 degrees centigrade).

Unique Self Lubrication
An ideal Non-oil-lubricating material with the smallest friction coefficient among plastic.

Outstanding Non-stick Surface
One of the smallest surface energy material. Known solid materials can not be adhered to the surface.

Excellent Atmospheric-aging Resistance
Radiation resistance and low permeability: surface and performance stays the same.

— Never lie —

Product Features

  • 1. PERFECT for 1.75mm 3d printer filament feeding, or throat nozzle filling
  • 2. TEMPERATURE range: -190 to +260 degrees centigrade
  • 3. EP: The lead and uranium content less than 0.01PPB, does not adhere to any substance, non-toxic
  • 4. SHIPPING: Try not to curl the tube very tightly. Usually takes 7-15 days from China by USPS with tracking number
  • 5. NOTE: Product interpretation owned by Dlibuy, do not buy inferior products from other offers

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