Eleduino Mostfun Sail Melt Accumulation Curing Desktop 3D printer

The MostFun Sail 3D Printer is the first 3D printer with a single drive XY movement structure. It uses FDM (hot melt accumulation curing) desktop 3D printer technology, it melts the material, layer by layer, stacking to print out the model you want. FDM is currently one of the most mature 3D printer technology, its high precision molding, supports a variety of printing supplies, it is currently the most suitable for general public use of 3D printing technology. MostFun Sail supports two kinds of printing supplies (PLA and TPU) to meet the needs of your various ideas.
•Prototyping technology: FDM.
•Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm.
•Positioning accuracy X, Y: ±0.011mm.
•Positioning accuracy Z: ±0.0025mm.
•Layer thinkness: 100μm.
•Slicing software: Cura/Repetier-Host.
•Printing format: .STL/.OBJ.
•Connection mode: USB, SD card.
•Power: Input (100~240V 2.2A), Output (19V 6.32A).
•Suspend in midair print distance: 5cm.
•Linear guide rail XY: HIWIN MGN9 linear guide.
•Stepper motor: Step angle 1.8 degrees, 1/16 .
•Operating system: Windows XP/7/8, Mac OS, Linux.
What’s Included:.
•1x MostFun Sail 3D printer.
•1x USB Cable.
•1x Filement PLA (1kg).
•1x SD Card.
•1x Bracket.
•1x Masking Tape Crepe Paper.
•1x Supporting rod.
•1x Object Removal Tool.
•1x Cross screwdriver.
•1x Power Adapter.
•1x Glass plate.
•2x Binder Clips.
•1x Lubricant.

Product Features

  • First 3D printer with a single drive XY movement structure
  • FDM (hot melt accumulation curing) desktop 3D printer technology
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.011mm (X, Y), ±0.0025mm (Z)
  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA, 1.75mm TPU (flexible material)
  • Metal Frame Structure Acrylic Covers Optimized

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