eSUN 1.75mm PVA filament, natural, 0.5kg/roll

eSUN 3D Printer Filament: PVA

Size: 1.75mm

PVA is a support material. Typically it is used with PLA filament. PVA is best printed around 195 Celsius.
When a PLA product is printed out, it can be thrown into water so that the PVA supporting material can be melted away. Cold water would take 4 hours to melt all PVA. Warmer water will melt PVA faster.

PVA is soft, soluble in water under normal temperature.

Product Features

  • Work as a supporting material for PLA and some other materials, but not for ABS.
  • Printing temp. is 190~220℃.
  • Original manufacturer.
  • 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction, Premium product.
  • 1.75mm PVA filament with double layer sealed bags.

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2 thoughts on “eSUN 1.75mm PVA filament, natural, 0.5kg/roll”

  1. Stop wasting time cleaning off support material PVA has become a critical part of my workflow for any support prints. This material prints great and dissolves easily. It’s sadly the most expensive filament that I buy in any material but it saves so much cleanup time that it’s absolutely worth it. I would love to see eSun bring the price down in line with their other materials. Almost $80 per kg is 3 or 4 times the price of PLA but it’s worth it.Easy to print it! WARNING: this material dissolves in WATER including the water in the…

  2. adhesion was excellent -. 4mm nozzle – It’s worked for me on these settings.- Blue painters tape, no heat bed, adhesion was excellent- .4mm nozzle- .2mm layer height- 190C with Chinese knock off of E3D Cyclops dual extruderWhen I changed my extruder to the genuine E3D Cyclops and switched to a .15mm nozzle and .1mm layer height I noticed that the PVA did not extrude during my first print. Seems to have clogged as replacing it with PLA that also doesn’t print. This could either be too small of a…

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