First ever 3D-printed bridge is now open and it's surely quite impressive

Netherlands opened world’s first ever 3D-printed concrete bridge that is able to carry the weight of almost 40 trucks.

Creators from Eindhoven University spent three months to make this bridge a reality that is situated in Gemert, Netherlands. The bridge is 26-foot-long and has 800 layers. The bridge is however, primarily designed for cyclists and is now all set to support hundreds of cyclists every day.

The bridge spans a water-filled ditch to connect two roads. The 3D printing technique made use of steel reinforcement cables in order to make pre-stressed concrete. As soon as the layers were completed, the bridge was tested by placing a five-ton weight over it. The tests were successful and now the creators believe that they can use the same technology for creating bigger structures, reported Engadget.

Researchers create 3D printed objects that change shape

One of the creators Theo Salet said, “The bridge is not very big, but it was rolled out by a printer, which makes it unique.”

3D printing concrete carries a lot of advantages. It can form any shape and can turn construction to be much quicker. The technique is also more environment friendly than the other traditional methods because it only deposits concrete where it is needed, avoiding cement wastage.

The creators said, “One of the advantages of printing a bridge is that much less concrete is needed than in the conventional technique in which a mould is filled. A printer deposits the concrete only where it is needed.”

Netherlands is among the countries excelling in 3D printing technology. Previous year, a Dutch scientist revealed a 3D printer that can construct ‘endless loop’ building. Also, a Dutch start-up MX3D has almost completed printing a stainless steel bridge that would be laid over by June next year, according to The Guardian.

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