Gizmo Dorks Kapton Tape (Polyimide) for 3D Printers and Printing, 6.25 x 6.25 inches, 10 sheets per pack

Kapton tape is the perfect accessory to cover your build platform during a 3D print. Kapton tape is made from a thin layer, 1 mil thick, of Polyimide film. The tape also has a 1 mil thick layer of silicone adhesive. Kapton tape is widely used because of it’s ability to withstand the heating and cooling of a build platform. Certain plastics such as ABS filament adhere particularly well to Kapton tape making it perfect to use when a heated build platform is required. ABS filament will have full adhesion to the Kapton tape at the high build plate temperature required, but it will also release the printed part when the bed cools. The print will be easy to peel or pop right off making Kapton tape the practical choice for any 3D printer build plate.

  • Dimensions: 6.25 inches wide by 6.25 inches wide
  • 1 mil thick Kapton layer
  • 1 mil thick silicone adhesive layer
  • 2 mil total thickness
  • Comes in a pack of 10 sheets
  • Each sheet comes on a removable protective liner

Dry Application
The dry method involves using a flat edge such as a ruler or a credit card to slowly peel and apply the tape while using the straight edge to keep the tape free from bubbles.

Wet Application
The wet method is similar to the dry method but involves spraying some soapy water underneath the Kapton tape. Remove the liquid by squeegee or a straight flat edge such as a ruler. This will also remove any air bubbles. The biggest benefit to the wet method is that you can re-position the tape while it is wet because the liquid allows you to easily slide the tape around. Let the Kapton tape fully dry before printing.

Product Features

  • Superior quality Kapton polyimide tape for 3D printing
  • Resistant to high temperatures making it perfect for plastic filaments requiring heated build beds such as ABS
  • 3D prints adhere very well especially under high heat but release cleanly when cooled
  • Great durability for multiple print cycles without needing to change the tape
  • Dimensions of 6.25 inches by 6.25 inches

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