Gizmo Dorks PEI Sheet, 8″ x 8″ 3D Printer Build Surface Polyetherimide Ultem

PEI (Polyetherimide) sheets provide a 3D printing build surface that requires no tape, slurry, or adhesive. ABS and PLA both stick extremely well to the surface, which eliminates the need for support rafts used for better adhesion.

How to Use:

Cut the PEI sheet to size by scoring with a hobby knife. There are two methods to attaching the PEI to your print bed. The first method is to just clamp the sheet to the print bed using binder clips. We find that 2 on each side works great.The second method, get 3M 468MP Transfer Tape and use it to stick the PEI to the print bed.

Once the PEI sheet is attached, re-level your print bed and you are ready to go!

It helps to wipe the surface down with isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, or soap in between prints. This will ensure the PEI is clean, and help adhesion. Light sanding with 5000 grit paper will also give the PEI sheet more life.

Product Features

  • Great for printing ABS and PLA (along with many other materials) directly on to print surface without the need for additional adhesives or tape.
  • Single 0.8mm sheet installs quickly on top of existing build platform
  • Blue protective film guards against scratches during shipping. Remove film before using PEI sheet.
  • Reuse for multiple prints, just wipe down with isopropyl alcohol between prints for best results
  • Easily cut down to size by scoring with a utility knife

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2 thoughts on “Gizmo Dorks PEI Sheet, 8″ x 8″ 3D Printer Build Surface Polyetherimide Ultem”

  1. Ahhh… no more tape or slurry! was not very trustworthy of the internet, as their input in regards to tapes, slurry, and glue for adhesion were all very mixed. I applied this plastic to my glass with some 3M 486 tape, cleaned up the edges a bit, and started my first print without anything but the PEI. at 95C the ABS stuck and did not warp at all.Remember to wipe down your bed (isopropyl alcohol) after every print, and try not to print in the same spot over and over again. try to use your bed evenly…

  2. Best 3D printer build surface! I was very leery of the claims. I think we have all heard the claims before a million times. You always end up fighting print won’t stick or print won’t come off of surface. This stuff is absolutely amazing. I put it to the ultimate test with a cold ABS print and it printed perfect. Than did a excessive hot print of ABS (elephant footing.) Again printed to the surface perfectly and afterwards I removed the print from the build surface with two fingers.There is only two gotcha’s with…

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