GT2 20 teeth Timing Belt Pulley Bore 5mm Aluminum Alloy for 3D Printer Parts Pack of 5pcs

(1)GT2 Timing pulley Features:

The GT2 pulley with 20 teeth or grooves is one of the best choices for 3d printer construction. Compared with the T2.5 or MXL

timing pulley, the GT2 pulley tooth profile is anti-backlash. Why? The rounded teeth of this tooth and belt are engaged together

longer providing a smoother transition between teeth. (Fit for reprap, Prusa, MendelMax)

(2)20Teeth GT2 Timing Pulley Specs:

Type:20-2GT-6 BF


Teeth Number :20 teeth


Material:Aluminium Alloy

Fixed mode: 2* M4

Bore of Timing pulley:5mm

Teeth width:7mm

Fit for Width of timing belt :6mm

(3)Package Listing Includes as Follow:

5pcs x20Teeth GT2 Aluminum Pulley

10pcs x M4 setscrews

1pcs x Allen Key

Product Features

  • Product Name: GT2 Timing pulley;
  • 20 Teeth Trapezoidal Toothed; Timing Pulleys With Small Backlash. Suitable for Positioning;
  • High Accuracy Positioning; Fit For Reprap 3D printer Prusa Mendel CNC;
  • Teeth Number :20 teeth;Bore of Timing pulley:5mm;
  • Package Listing Includes: 5pcs GT2 Timing Pulley;

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