HATCHBOX 4 Spool 3D Printer Filament Tabletop Wall Mount Rack

Welcome to Hatchbox 3D Printer Filament Rack

We hope you enjoy our line of 3D printer filaments offered at a great affordable price and superior quality.

Hatchbox 3D printer filament racks are constructed out of stainless steel for it’s long lasting durability and stability as well as universally designed to fit your filament need.

Currently offered in a 1 spool rack, 2 spool rack, 3 spool rack, and a 4 spool rack which can be used as a tabletop or wall mounted rack (wall mount screws not included).

Filament Spool Compatibility:

Minimum Spool Diameter: 1 inch or 25.40 millimeter
Maximum Spool Width: 3.75 inch or 95.25 millimeter

1 Spool Rack – Assembled Dimension:
Note: measured with included rubber ends for tabletop use.

Length: 8.50 inch or 215.90 millimeter
Width 17.25 inch or 438 millimeter
Height: 6.50 inch or 165 millimeter

Package Includes:

2x Rack stand
4x Spool spindle
3x Double threaded spacer
4x Rubber ends for tabletop use (attach to rack stand)
2x Rack stand to spool spindle attachment knob
1x Instruction manual

Product Features

  • Hatchbox 3D Printer Filament Rack
  • 4 Filament spool compatibility
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Universally designed to meet your filament need
  • Please view the product description for addional information

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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  1. I was really excited to try this out because I’m sick and tired of swapping between different colors. Putting this together you can definitely tell that it’s a bit cheap, but I have no doubt that it’s plenty strong for holding filament. My biggest complaint is that you can’t easily swap between filament rolls. I wouldn’t use this if you’re running through pounds of filament every week (which I am), but it is useful for the colors that you only use occasionally. The big advantage that this has…

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