HICTOP LM8UU Linear Ball Bearings for 3D Printer Prusa I3 DIY Kit Pack of 6pcs (8mm x 15mm x 24mm)

12 lm8uu linear bearings
8Mm inside diameter, 15 mm outside diameter, 24 mm length
Bearings may require lubrication and break in period
Great for linear motion on 3D printer, cnc, and other applications

Product Features

  • Closed type ball bushing for use in linear motion applications where shaft support clearance is not a factor.
  • Synthetic resin retainer plate for accurate ball guidance and low noise.
  • High-carbon chromium steel bushing case for strength and rigidity.
  • Integral lip seals to retain lubricant and protect against contamination.
  • Package included: 6 x LM8UU Linear Bearings

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