HONGDAK, 3D PLA Printing, 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 0.5KG Spool, 1.75 mm, Purple, PLA-500g-1.75mm-PURPLE

PLA(poly lactic acid)
PLA, or Poly Lactic Acid, is made from organic material – specifically cornstarch and sugarcane. This is why it is called ‘the green plastic’. This makes the material both easier and safer to use, while giving it a smoother and shinier appearance that’s more aesthetically pleasing. The thermoplastic is also more pleasant on the nose, as the sugar-based material smells slightly sweet when heated opposed to the harsh smell often associated with ABS. However, while PLA might seem like a better overall choice at first glance, it features a far lower melting point than ABS. This means that using printed parts for mechanical operations, or even storing them in high-temperature locations, can result in the part warping, cracking, or melting. The material is also weaker than ABS, though, it can achieve a superior level of print detail and is less prone to errors while printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Filament not extruding properly?
A: Check the type of filament you’re working with and set the proper extruder temperature based on the filament type and heated build platform if applicable; trial and error. Rule of thumb is to set the extruder temperature to the highest temperature for the specific filament, then decrease the temperature by 5°C until properly extruded. Please note this will vary with each 3D printer.

2) How do I store my filament?
A: Most filaments tend to absorb moisture from the air; because of this your filament can become brittle and slowly degrade the quality. It’s recommended to keep unused filament and store it in a storage container or zip lock bag with a desiccant.
3) Is your filament tangled?
A: Check that the spool is spinning smoothly on the mount.

  • Can be printed on a cold surface
  • More environmental-friendly
  • Shinier and smoother appearance
  • Higher 3d printer speed

Product Features

  • PLA 3D PRINTING FILAMENT: 0.5KG Dimensional Accuracy of +/- 0.03mm. Compatible most 3D printers and pens.
  • WHAT’S PLA: a plant-based environement friendly type of plastic, is shinier and smoother than most filaments. Often refered to as “the green plastic”.
  • RECOMMENDED WORKING TEMPERATURES: Heating Bed Temperature is from 50 to 60°C. Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature for the PLA filament is from 180°C to 220°C. PLA has a sweet smell when burning and doesn’t produce harmul fumes during printing.
  • USED FOR 3D PRINTING PENS – It can be used for most of the 3d printing pens where excellent detailing and application requirements are needed. Because of the color classification, it makes the 3D pen more useful in crafting the product of your own choices.
  • WHAT YOU GET: HONGDAK 3D PLA Filament 0.5KG, Backed by our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, our whole reputation on delivering the best customer service. We are only happy when you are!

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