Hot Bed MOS Tube,Hot Bed Power Expansion Board / MOS Tube High Current Load Module / Heatbed Power Module for 3D Printer Heating Bed Accessories by Drillpro

▶Condition: 100%Brand new and high quality

▶ Dimensions: 50*60mm

▶Weight: about 40g

▶ HIGH current load module hot bed Power expansion board / Heatbed power module / mos tube for 3D Printer.

▶ HIGH-POWER module thermal bed, completely solve the thermal power is too large bed, load current issue.

▶This module under the premise of normal cooling, found at I (Max) -25A situation stable work. During use, do not exceed current 25A.

▶Type: hot bed Power expansion board

▶ Package Contents:◀

▶ 1 X Hot bed Power Module

Product Features

  • ▲ Under the premise of normal cooling, it work stable under I(Max)=25A, the current must not exceed 25A while the process working
  • ▲ Completely solve the hot bed power is too large and the load current issue.
  • ▲ General Add-on Heated Bed Power Expansion Module.
  • ▲ With this addon module to your 3D printer motherboard you can lead the maximum current up to 25A.
  • ▲ Please choose the appropriate power according to the power of the hot bed, leaving enough margin. High-power hot bed is recommended to use 24V power supply, so that the same power requirements, the current is 12V smaller.

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