JD 8th grader gets prosthetic hand from 3D printer

Published 05/27 2016 06:03PM

Updated 05/27 2016 06:03PM

A Jamesville-DeWitt 8th grader is the recipient of a prosthetic hand made by classmates in a technology class.

The hand was made using a 3D printer in Keith Bryant’s classroom. 

Bryant stumbled upon a project to build these hands when a student suggested they do it for an 8th grader at the school born without a left hand.

Alex Becker has had the prosthetic hand for about a month now.

“I walked into class and everyone noticed it and they were like ‘whoa Alex, what’s up with that?'” He tells NewsChannel 9.

It just so happens that one of the students who helped make the hand for Alex is his younger sister Katie.

“Lots of times, I honestly forget he’s missing a hand, but now to look over and see he has two is awesome.” Katie says.

“As a mother to see my daughter doing something kind for her brother is astounding.” Diane Becker tells NewsChannel 9.

Not satisfied with the current design, they’re already at work printing an improved model for Alex.

Bryant’s class has also made five others to be sent to people who need them in developing countries.

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