MaddGrip Build Sheet 3 Pack

The MaddGrip Build sheet was designed to provide just the right amount of adhesion for your 3d print. Works great with the MagHold Build system.

Product Features

  • Excellent Print Adhesion

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2 thoughts on “MaddGrip Build Sheet 3 Pack”

  1. ABS does stick well to these build sheets (correct nozzle height, print bed is 110 C, extruder is 230 C), which was better than the results I got with the imitation BuildTac sheets I got with my Qidi Tech printer, but I’m only getting a few parts before the MaddGrip adhesion diminishes to the point that ABS won’t adhere. I tried cleaning with acetone and that melted a MaddGrip sheet, so don’t use acetone. I soak the sheets in 91% isopropyl alcohol for a minute and then scrub them dry with a…

  2. We always purchase the BuildTak sheets for our Maghold heat bed on our printers at work. I wasn’t paying attention when I decided to use this at home and ordered the MaddGrip instead. I honestly didn’t notice that I had done this until these started failing while the ones at work kept working. These seem to only be good for a few prints before the top layer starts to come free and lifting off the bed. To make matters worse, the adhesive does NOT want to come off and be prepared to use lots of…

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