MakerBot Replicator Mini+

The MakerBot Replicator mini+ is engineered and tested for simple, accessible, and reliable desktop 3D printing. Print faster, easier, and more reliably with a bigger build volume. Combined with makerbot’s guided Wireless setup and connected workflow tools, the Replicator mini+ makes desktop 3D printing streamlined, portable, and simple-to-integrate. To ensure higher performance, the MakerBot Replicator mini+ features improved filament routing, a redesigned z-stage, a refined gantry, a 28 percent bigger build volume, better print adhesion, and more. Optimized to print with makerbot’s PLA filament, it also includes all the standard features for ease of use and accessibility from the previous model.

Product Features

  • Print bigger models up to 4″ by 5″ by 5″-28 percent larger than the MakerBot Replicator mini
  • 10 percent faster print time than the MakerBot Replicator mini compact 3D printer
  • The redesigned z-stage and refined gantry improve precision and reliability through stiffer materials and sturdier construction
  • To ensure consistent performance, our new 3D printers and their subsystems were re-engineered and rigorously tested for over 380,000 hours across multiple facilities
  • With the new grip surface, prints adhere better, resulting in reduced warping and curling. No more Blue tape. The built Plate is also factory-level so the printer is ready to go Right out of the box
  • Please note that Amazon is the only authorized seller of MakerBot products on Products purchased from third parties on may not be factory new and are not covered by any MakerBot warranty.

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2 thoughts on “MakerBot Replicator Mini+”

  1. Easy to use Decent quality prints (most of the time) … Consider this review as 2.5 stars. I think the easiest way to review this printer would be to list off the positives and than follow up with the negatives.Positives:Easy to useDecent quality prints (most of the time)WebcamSharp LookingPrint Bed – prints just stick to this without any prep work; as someone with a lot of experience with other 3D printers the fact that you dont have to prep the bed with Hairspray/gluestick/masking tape etc is a really nice…

  2. Unboxing is very easy, just had to remove the orange plastic/foam safety … I recently received my MakerBot Mini+ just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Unboxing is very easy, just had to remove the orange plastic/foam safety bits and the machine was ready to use. No assembly required so thats nice. I downloaded Makerbot print software on my Macbook and updated the drivers and was good to go.I have a Makerbot Replicator 5th gen. at work (not the + model) so I am familiar with the onboard scroll wheel and software. This new Makerbot Print software is easy…

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