Manve Intelligent 3D Printing Pen, 3D Drawing Model Making Doodle Arts & Crafts Drawing, Stimulate childrens’ creativity, improve spatial thinking ability.(Send ABS Fibrous Material) …

3D printing pen suitable for use 1.75mm ABS and PLA .We recommend
Using PLA 3D Pen Filament Refills. PLA is a new type of environmentally friendly
Biodegradable materials made from renewable plant resources (such as corn)
Starch material proposed. No ABS Filament Refills as a pungent odor, also does
Not produce harmful substances. For our children’s health ,please select PLA 3D
Pen Filament Refills.

● The MANVE 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen Package includes as follow:
-1x Yellow 3D Printing Pen
-1x 110-240V USA Power Adapter
-3x 1.75mm ABS Filament with different colors, 10 gram per loop
-1x Operation instruction booklet

For those clients who experience the 3D printer pen for the first time, the
Experience effect may not very ideal, but it doesn’t matter, because they just
Haven’t used to use 3D printer pen to create. please be patient and use your
Imagination, you will find its a very magical process.

Please search key words “3d printer pen ” on YouTube, there are many
Outstanding creative processes and methods for your reference.

The painting pen nib and the near area are dangerous high temperature area, the
Highest temperate can reach 60 degree centigrade. It is forbidden to touch the
Nib with hands during using it. Please exit out of 3D Pen Filament Refills after
Use and turn off the power, do not touch nozzle before the 3D printing pencil
Cooling more than 10 minutes. Beware of scald.

Product Features

  • THE MANVE PRINTING PEN CAN EASILY TO TRAW SOME INTERESTING MODEL: A 3D pen, suitable for both kids and adults, it can help children improve spatial thinking ability; The pen increases the chances of intimate contact between parents and kids, makes the distance with their children much closer and makes the babies’ world much more colorful.
  • DEVELOP IMAGINATION: The 3D pen is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D modelling. It is a great gift for any occasion! The only limitation of 3D drawing is your imagination! 3D printing pen is perfect for children above 6 yrs old and adult no matter you are artists, hobbyist or creative lovers.
  • SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL: The product is lightweight, a slim (easy to handle) design, meet the needs of children, students and adults With variable speed feature, you can freely control it according to the hand speed, allowing users in the creation of real time three-dimensional painting done most practically and with ease. This pen replaces ink with plastic which melts at a high temperature to create a 3D object instead of just an idea on paper.
  • DESIGN OF INTELLIGENT STANDBY FUNCTION: The product will automatically switch to standby mode in 5 minutes, when you rest in operation or forget to turn off the power, the heating ring will stop working. When restart, the product begin to heat up, to avoid the risk of forgetting turn off the power.
  • DESIGN OF TEMPERATURE REGULATION AND CONTINUOUS SPEED REGULATION: The function of regulating temperature has been increased. Users can adjust by themselves, according to different consumptive materials, to achieve the desired temperature. Users can govern speed through hands movement, act freely when painting stereograph, to created the perfect works.

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3 thoughts on “Manve Intelligent 3D Printing Pen, 3D Drawing Model Making Doodle Arts & Crafts Drawing, Stimulate childrens’ creativity, improve spatial thinking ability.(Send ABS Fibrous Material) …”

  1. At this price I did not expect it to work so flawlessly At first I was skeptical based on the price, but it’s awesome! I’ve used an original 3Doodler and while that might not be a fair comparison because 3Doodler has evolved since then, this product is even better! The filament is thinner which I thought might be a problem but not at all! The device works every time. It has a simple speed adjustment slider on the side and outputs at an even speed. Even reversing and replacing the filament which can be tricky or messy was super easy and flawless…

  2. Pretty great, especially for the price! Would probably avoid for younger kids though. Final updates: I’ve had some time to use the pen. This time I’ve only tried using the abs filament provided. I haven’t had any cold olives yet. Takes a little time to get used to controlling the flow, but seems to work well once you get the hang of it. I look forward to using it more going forward. Big thank you to Manve support for reaching out to correct the initial problems.Original review: Plugged with first use. Finally managed to clear clogged filament, but broke in the…

  3. It’s surprisingly good for the price. I’m a bit worried about its longevity as it feels a bit cheap, but it’s held up great so far. Not sure I’d buy this for a kid, it feels like they could probably break it pretty quickly. I got it as an accompanying tool for my 3D printer for modifying/fixing pieces, and it seems to work with all of my 1.75mm PLA filaments just fine. The temperature adjustment is a bit finicky without a screen, but once dialed in it seems to work great. I couldn’t help myself…

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