MilLink i3 Mk2s DIY kit Desktop 3D Printer,printing size 250x250x200mm,ultra silent for office

· 56% bigger build volume – 12500 cm3 (25 x 25 x 20 cm)
· Open frame design for easy use
· Integrated 12864 LCD and SD card controller (8GB included)
· Max 150mm/s printing speed
· Full metal hotend support max temperature 300 celsius
· 0.4mm nozzle (easily changeable) for 1.75 mm filament
· Layer height from 0.05mm
· Automatic mesh bed leveling
· 250 W heatbed with PEI heater – for warpless 3D printing from any material
· Hassle free PEI print surface – no glass, no glue, no ABS juice
· Supported materials – PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, TPU, TPE, Nylon, ASA, Carbon-fibers, Bronzefill, Wood plastic…
· 1 kg PLA filament included · High qualitity mechanical & electronic parts
· Silent printing thanks to the TMC2100 stepper motor driver

Product Features

  • Large printing size,silent,full metal hotend,PEI printing surface,high precision
  • silent
  • full metal hotend
  • PEI printing surface
  • high precision

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