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New 3D Printer Saturn5 Mini Delta Parallel Arm K800 3 Printer Automatic Leveling

Zero backlash. type: Delta printer Speed: 320 mm/s in all 3 directions.* Resolution: 100 steps/mm in all 3 directions. Repeatability: better than 0.03 mm (30 micron) Build volume: cylindrical, 170mm diameter, 240mm height. Footprint: triangle, 300 mm width (240mm Mitsumi extrusions + printed corners). Frame height: 600 mm. Print surface: unheated round glass, doesn’t move. (heated print bed option available) Mass of end effector with hotend: less than 50 grams. Frame: Misumi HFS3-1515 frame extrusions: 3x 600mm vertical and 9x 240mm horizontal Mechanical NEMA17 stepper motors x 4 GT2 timing belt x 4m and 3 x GT2-20T timing pulleys F623ZZ flanged bearings for belt idlers x 6 Delrin V-rollers x 9 with 2 x 623ZZ bearings each Carbon fibre rods assembled with Traxxas 5347 rod ends x 6 Extruder mechanicals: 3 x 623ZZ bearings, 8mm hobbed drive gear, push-fit tube connectors x 2 PTFE Bowden tubing 2mm ID 4mm OD x 1m Microswitch endstops x 3 12V 40x40mm fan (+ second fan for heated bed option) Z-probe components complete Z-probe microswitch with cable pre-soldered Electrical 110-240V to 12V 5A laptop power supply unit with UK, EU (Schuko), USA or Australian power lead RAMPS electronic controller Mega 2560 with USB cable PanelOne LCD controller for stand-alone printing from micro SD card Micro SD card with documentation and software, plus Micro SD to USB adapter J-head hotend complete. 0.4mm nozzle, assembled, wires with crimp terminals fitted (alternative E3D v6 hotend complete with assembled cables) Hotend cable loom complete, assembled with plugs Molex crimp socket for hotend wiring (wires supplied with crimp terminals fitted, ready for insertion) X, Y, and Z endstop cables with plugs both ends Panel-mount socket for PSU, wired and soldered, and USB panel-mount extension cable X, Y, Z and Extruder motor cables cut to length and assembled with plugs both ends

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