NOVIO 3D 106 Foldable 3D Printer / First In The World Patent Anti Jam Technology / Changeable Nozzle and Upgradable To Two Nozzles / High Definition Printing / With 3D CNC Transformer

Printing :
Build Envelope: 215x 215 x 200 mm
Build Volume: About 9.5 liters
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm(adjustable)
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm balance performance in speed/Print quality
Extruder Technology :
1.Dia-XTR Extruder
2.Anti Jam Technology for extended trouble-free printing
3.Detachable and changeable to different nozzle size

1.Dual print heads
2.CNC Mill
3.Extendable print plate
Software: AUTO-3Dcreator
· Compatibility: Windows
· Print from SD card or PC
· Input file type: STL, gcode

System requirements: 7,8&10(32/64 bit)
2.RAM 4GB or more
3.Display 1024*768 or higher pixel
Warranty: one year Guarantee
Support: Commissioning and 3 months technical support via Skype

Printed Materials:
1,Wood (Designated Extruder)
2,Flex Ninjaflex and Rubber any more (Designated Extruder)
3,HD Glass
Scope of Application:
0.4mm Using Wood , Flex Materials (Designated)
0.6mm , 0.8mm Best Using HDglass
0.2-1.0mm PLA ABS HDglass

Product Features

  • ★ NOVIO 3D Diamond XTR Patent Pending—Anti Jam technology ,High definiton printing,0.1-1.0 mm Nozzle tip , Successful stable 0.2mm (EXTRUDER : The extruder of a 3D printer is the part of the printer that does the actual printing. It controls the filament to be extruded to its nozzle printhead. Novio 3D printer uses Diamond XTR-Extruder technology that enables you to produce incredibly fine detailed prints.)
  • ★ NOVIO 3D Changeable Nozzle and Upgradable to Two Nozzle—Hot swappable print heads to optimize print speed and print fidelity , Just purchase the two nozzle kit to turn your basic 3D printer into double nozzle print head
  • ★ NOVIO 3D Creator Software and CNC Transformer Module—-software is Experience the most easy to use 3D Software available,and CNC Transformer module can Turn your 3D printer into different CNC tools . With 3D CNC Transformer Turn Your 3D printer to Different CNC Tools (Engraver, Pen Plotter, Laser Engraver, Router) . Extendable Print Plate to Print Larger Object
  • ★ NOVIO 3D Minimalist in Design and Low Maintenance ——- Transport easy and in-expensive due to it’s foldable feature,Enjoy the style and experience of a miniamalistic design, Accessible and convenient and Novio3D printer are extremy long lasting and require minimal maintenance. Modular swapping without any hassle in maintenance.
  • ★ NOVIO 3D is the only company that offer custom coloured 3D printer. Novio3D ‘s Pre-configured print settings makes printing easy for beginners. No need to learn parameters.Novio3D CNC Transformer Modules allow you to clip-on a larger print plates&many other optional CNC tools. All our printer are the most affordable in their class.Opensource access allows experimentation to satify all user needs.Low odour ,a quiet rail system and burn hazzard reduction techonology

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  2. This 3D printer is so amazing! I love how easy it is to assemble this printer, unlike other 3D printers that are so complicated and hard to operate.Awesome 3D printer! I was also so happy when I got it. Very good customer service. It is so great to find affordable yet professional 3D printer like Novio 3D. I like how easy to use this type of 3D printer. Worth trying for beginners.My son and I are enjoying using it for making his toys. We love printing cars and action figures. We…

  3. So excited with my first 3D printer! Thanks Novio 3D for fast transaction and friendly staff.I am so happy when I bought this cool 3D printer! I’m so impressed with Model 106! It is so easy to use and very affordable for its upgradeable capabilities. I love it that I can easily change the extruder with different nozzle tip sizes. Now, I can play with different print materials that I want! I am thinking of upgrading my Novio 3D printer into Dual extruder…

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