OFKP® 3D printer pin Second generation with LCD screen Stereoscopic Art & Craft drawing pen for freehand 3D drawings – ABS or PLA filament material (Yellow)

3D Printing Pen is the latest technology in the developed 3D printing.
It is compatible with PLA / ABS 1.75mm / 0.005ft material and has a 0.002ft / 0.7mm nozzle.
Free temperature setting button with 1 LED display screen to control the thread.
It is a great tool for anyone interested in creating 3D – from novice to expert, the only restriction on the 3D drawing is your imagination!
It is easier design with intelligent standby technology, smooth touch and easy to use, a special gift for children to decorate colorful childhood.

Unloading way: Fused Deposition Modeling
Shape mode: Three-dimensional design
Pressure range: Unlimited
Output Speed: Adjustable
Printing filament: ABS / PLA 1.75mm
Operating voltage: 12V 3A
Nozzle: About 0.002ft / 0.7mm
Material: Plastic Bag
Net weight: 2.29OZ / 65g
Package dimensions: 22 x 17 x 6.3 cm (L * W * H)
Package includes:
1 x 3D Pen
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

Suggestion and tips:
* Children less than 8 years, please use it under the guardian of an adult.
* The nozzle and the surrounding area can reach 132 degrees Celsius, keep your bare hands away from the nozzle.
* Keep out of reach of children in a safe place when not in use.

Product Features

  • LCD screen to check the temperature.
  • Freely control the speed and size of the filaments issue, drawing amazing 3D painting.
  • Press forward or backward button to insert or pull the threads at any time.
  • Lighter and slimmer make you comfortable and fully enjoy the fun of 3D drawing.
  • Free temperature adjustable button with 1 LED display screen to control the thread.

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