PancakeBot 2.0 PNKB01BK2 – Pancake Printer, Black

The PancakeBot is the world’s first 3D food printer capable of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle in a design of the user’s choosing. Designs for printing can be created with the free easy to use downloadable software and then loaded to the PancakeBot 2.0 via the included SD card. Representing an evolution in food-printing technology, PancakeBot 2.0 lets kids and adults express their creativity through food while exploring technology.

Product Features

  • Free and easy-to-use downloadable software to design any pancake.
  • Adjustable printing speed
  • Removable, non-stick griddle with temperature dial and drip tray
  • Easy to clean dispenser bottle works with any pancake batter. Recommended batter recipe included
  • Export designs onto and print pancakes from an included SD card
  • Disassembles for easy storage

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2 thoughts on “PancakeBot 2.0 PNKB01BK2 – Pancake Printer, Black”

  1. Give yourself time to learn how to use the software and the machine and you will love this machine! I bought this pancake bot as a gift for my husband and have been having a blast making new designs every weekend. I will say there was a bit of a learning curve with how to design and create the perfect pancake, but now it’s just as easy as making any other pancake– only these look super cool! Give yourself time to learn how to use the software and the machine and you will love this machine!The software: This is my only criticism. It isn’t the best. I wish it would get a massive…

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