PLA filament Pack for 3D Printing Pen – 20 Beautiful colors including 4 Glow In The Dark – 328ft Total of Non Toxic 1.75mm PLA Refills by Curiosity

★Let your imagination soar with these beautiful PLA Filament Refills colors brought to you by Curiosity! !★

Through the extrusion and cooling of heated plastic, you’ll create 3D objects free-handedly on paper, material, surfaces, and even in space with far more ease than a traditional glue gun.

➢ PLA filaments is the better choice as it is a biopolymer made from renewable raw materials such as cornstarch or sugarcane.
As opposed to ABS filaments, PLA material is eco-friendly, non toxic 3D pen refill.
Use PLA to draw and produce remarkable results in arts & crafts, 3D modelling, doodling, sculpting, stencils, logos – wherever the imagination may lead!

➢ Curiosity’s Filaments kit – includes 20 vivid colors, 4 of them GLOW in the DARK, 16.4ft each of 1.75mm PLA

➢ Suitable for ANY 3D Printing Pen using 1.75mm PLA filament

➢ Keep in a dry area to avoid the material absorbing moisture

At Curiosity, it’s the customer that counts – so enjoy 100% satisfaction grantee and get you 3D Pen additives TODAY

Product Features

  • ENJOY YOUR OWN COLORFUL CREATION WITHOUT THE WORRY OF TOXIC FUMES – PLA also known as Polylactic Acid, is a Recyclable, Eco Friendly, Non Toxic Filament. This Refill is definitely the HEALTHIER BETTER CHOICE!
  • WHETHER YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL OR A BEGINNER, NO MATTER WHAT AGE – Curiosity’s 3D printing pen refills are geared for amateurs, hobbyist and professionals alike. Suitable for both adults and kids and used for education, modeling, crafting and wherever the imagination may lead!
  • VERSATILE IN COLOR and USE – Beautiful variety of 20 colors 16ft each, including 4 Glow in the Dark allow you to enjoy colorful, fun creations from OUR UNIQUE SELECTION of STENCILS or your own imagination. SUITABLE FOR ALL 3D PEN USING 1.75mm PLA REFILLS
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA – Encourages creativity & imagination in friends and family members of all ages.

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