Plasil Korea 3D Printer Filament Natural Ivory ABS Material 1.75MM 1KG/2.2LB

PLASIL filament has high stability of temperature with even thickness and density.
PLASIL filament was known as “no-chocking-nozzle filament” with 100% purity through strict quality control.
PLASIL filament had proven its best performances, applied to 0.01mm diameter of nozzle.
PLASIL filament was made with high quality (shock resistive & good finishing) ABS material of world well known, LG Chemical company.
PLASIL filament is environmentally friendly product, passed SGS tests.

Product Features

  • Product dimensions: 7.6×7.6×3.2inches/2.2lb(194x194x82mm/1kg : filament net weight)
  • 1.75mm filament diameter (dimensional accuracy +/- 0.05mm)
  • ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) filament vacuumed sealed with desiccant
  • Recommended extrusion/nozzle temperature 220°C-250°C (428°F- 482°F)
  • Compatible with most 3d printers with heated beds : MakerBot Replicator Ultimaker UP-series Robox Afinia Printrbot Zortrax Lulzbot Ditto Deltamaker Prusa i3 Mendel Reprap etc

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2 thoughts on “Plasil Korea 3D Printer Filament Natural Ivory ABS Material 1.75MM 1KG/2.2LB”

  1. Not exactly ivory, but this stuff is great for bones and skeletons if you are into that sort of thing! It’ll make a nice T-Rex replica skeleton! The filament is a very consistent diameter and has no problems with feeding through my extruder. The filament is nice and smooth when you get everything dialed in correctly. Also it spools well, some brands do not come off the roll very easy, this one did for me! :)I do not know if it is the filament itself or the upgrades I have done to my…

  2. Overall a good filament, prints okay in my Rostock Max V2. It is more off white than Ivory. When compared to real Ivory, this is much lighter, and very not as opaque as I’d like. It’s also pretty gooey stuff, that likes to make long, wispy hairs. This is on a printer that’s been dialed in and has virtually no stringing with other filaments. Most annoying though is that it’s really sticky, and occasionally seems to make a little ball of goo that contacts the nozzle and leaves brown stains in the…

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