Polymaker PolySupport ( 1.75 mm, 500 g ) White 3D Printer Filament, PLA Support Filament

PolySupport is a material designed to solve one of the most intimidating problem in desktop 3D printing: support. It can support PLA, TPU filament. PolySupport generates support structures that can be easily removed by hand.

Product Features

  • Single & Dual Extruders: PolySupport can be used on single extrusion printers as both the support and modeling material, while also used as a dedicated support material on dual extrusion printers.
  • Quick & Easy: The secret behind PolySupport is the inter layer adhesion. PolySupport is strong enough to support the structure, while breaking away readily by hand, no power tools or complicated processes needed.
  • Clean Breakaway: PolySupport doesn’t bond to your model, it supports it. This means the surface of your model is unaffected once the support has been removed.
  • Freedom of Creation: Never again let overhang angles over 45° escape your design. With PolySupport you have the freedom to explore new geometry, safe in the knowledge that PolySupport will work perfectly every time.

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