Prusa Mendel Hardware Kit fastener Set Nut Washer Bolt Grub Screw for 3D Printer Waynetool

This is a fastener set for a Reprap Prusa Mendel i2 3D printer DIY kit. All screws are Phillips Head. Much easier to work with in tight spaces than hex head bolts. Package includes: M2.5 x 16 stainless steel Phillips Head Screws:6pcs M3 x 10 stainless steel Phillips Head Screws:20pcs M3 x 20 stainless steel Phillips Head Screws:50pcs M3 x 30 stainless steel Phillips Head Screws:5pcs M3 x 40 stainless steel Phillips Head Screws:5pcs M3 x 50 stainless steel Phillips Head Screws:4pcs M2.5 stainless steel Hex Nuts: 6pcs M3 stainless steel Hex Nuts: 50pcs M8 stainless steel Hex Nuts: 50pcs for frame assembly M2.5 stainless steel Flat Washers: 6pcs M3 stainless steel Flat Washers:50pcs M8 stainless steel Flat Washers:50pcs for frame assembly M3 x 8 stainless steel Grub Screws:3pcs M8 x 20 Grub Screws: 1pc M8 x 50 Grub Screws: 1pc Item will be shipped by airmail within 24 hours after full payment is received.

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