Qi Mei 3D Printer Parts General Add-on Heated Bed Power Expansion Module High Power Module expansion board for 3D Printer with Cable

Dimensions : 2.36*1.97*1.22nches
Mounting holes: 3.2mm diameter, for M3 screws.
Distance betweeen holes: 54*43mm

Package Include:
1* Heated Bed Power Module
1 * Connection cable for input signal

This module under the premise of normal cooling, found at I (Max) = 25A stable work situation, the process of using the current not exceed 25A

Product Features

  • This high power module is a general add-on heated bed power expansion module for 3D printer.
  • It can work with the Anet A8.
  • It Can be used in both Chitu motherboard and other open 3D printer motherboards.
  • This high power module helps your 3D printer equipped with the Chitu controller board (capable of max 15A)
  • Helpful to solve the problem of hot bed’s large power and the load current。When using heated bed 3D printer for 12V power supply which may cause excessive current during times, with this module, it can well protect the connectors on the controller board from burning.

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