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RepRapChampion 3D Printer Heated Bed Power Module High Current 210A MOSFET upgrade Anet A8, TEVO Tarantula and others

This listing is for one power module for controlling 3D printer heated bed, it is also can be used to drive other non-inductive loads. If you plan to use silicone heater of large area heated bed, you most likely will overcome limitations for the current, that can handle your current 3d printer electronics. This control board will handle high current without even getting warm. Oversize MOSFET and overall very robust PCB design will allow for trouble free operation without active cooling.

Heated bed power module features:

Based on powerful MOSFET HA210NO6.
Dimensions: 60x50mm.
Mounting holes: 3.2mm diameter, for M3 screws.
Distance between holes: 54x43mm.
Very powerful MOSFET to withstand higher current than normal RAMPS or other 3D Printer controller can handle.
Voltage: 12V-24V.
Maximum current with active cooling: 210A.
Current: 50-80A safe for prolonged times without active cooling.
This module is based on power MOSFET and will allow PID control of the heated bed (DC-DC Relays usually do not allow this).

Package contents:

1 x Heated Bed Power Module.
1 x Connection cable for input signal.

Product Features

  • Safe and reliable way to handle high current heate bed on 3D Printer
  • Easy to install and connect with supplied connection diagram
  • It will not overheat under normal load
  • Active cooling is not required but recommend

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