RepRapDiscount, Hexagon Full Metal Hot End, Hotend, 1.75mm, .4mm nozzle

Hexagon Hot End manufactured by RepRap Discount. This all-metal hot end kit works very well with a variety of materials from Nylon to PLA. Nozzle can be removed while the hot end is still mounted for versatile printing. Two fans are included in this kit: one for cooling the hot end and a second fan for cooling the part. At only 55-56mm with the nozzle these all-metal hotends are great on any printer.

Product Features

  • All metal hot end kit with groovemount. Removable M6 guide for Bowden operation.
  • Complete kit ready to assemble and use with allen keys, mounting plate, 2 fans, cartridge, thermistor and more
  • 12V, 300C operation
  • For use with ABS, PLA, Nylon, T-glase, HIPS, PET and more!
  • Removable nozzle included

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2 thoughts on “RepRapDiscount, Hexagon Full Metal Hot End, Hotend, 1.75mm, .4mm nozzle”

  1. It squirts when you get it hot enough… 🙂 I replaced the PEEK hot end on my Craftbot…this was a drop in fit. (Mostly). You unbolt the old hotend. Trim filament tube (the hollow metal screw) slightly…then reassemble….aaaaand…you’re done.My only complaint is everything had to be heated before final tightening….which means you have to be careful about keeping the faces of the parts aligned (and it’s at 220*C)….and I still had a tiny leak… and re-tightening fixed it and it’s worked like a champ…

  2. The perfect jhead Bottom line is: BUY THIS HOTENDI melted my stock peet head, I bought another peet J head and that one leaked straight out of the box. Returned to amazon and just went full out with this one. Wow so glad I did. The kit comes with everything you need and I mean everything, screws, adapter plate, fans, tools, everything. Now I can change nozzles anytime and if it ever clogs it can be disassembled very easy. I have i2 mendel reprap with Greg extruderEDIT 11/3/2014I…

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