Stereo 3D Printing Pen with LED display ,Drawing with 1.75mm ABS&PLA Material , Most Suitable for DIY Gift(Blue),Doodling, Art & Craft Making.

Arts and Design :3D pens are fun, whether you’re a kid, a hobbyist or an artist – they can enhance your creativity and help you get a better understanding of three-dimensional objects and it’s Comfortable Design & Extremely Easy to Use.

Unleash your creativity:Our 3D printing pens are made with two different technologies. FDM, short for “Fused Deposition Modeling”, is the same process used by many desktop 3D printers. Molten plastic comes out of their heated nozzle. A special ink called “photopolymer” solidifies when exposed to UV light. The liquid ink is extruded through a nozzle, where it is then cured by LED nodes attached to the tip. This process is especially safe for children, as the nozzle stays cold.

PERFECT AFTER-SALE:The 1 year warranty is something of an additional bonus.

Steps: 1.The nozzle/tip once heated within the pen.
2.Then Insert the materials and click the button, the filament will be loading automatically.
3.You begin drawing the object of your choice, it instantly cools and solidifies as past.

What’s in the box: Lix 3D pen
External Power Adapter
2 bag random color ABS filament (1 bag contains 40 rods refills)

Product Features

  • Compact and easy to use, the 3Doodler extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure. The possibilities are limitless!
  • Temperature is adjustable in 1 degree increments from 160 to 250 C, for optimal fine-tuning
  • Extremely well built with the good amount of detail on the style.
  • Has the ability to heat up the plastic filament and cool it down rather swiftly.
  • Comes with a large OLED screen that enhances the usability.

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