Students learn 3D printing through Clarinda High School Industrial Tech

(Clarinda)–It’s amazing what students can learn through Dave Carper’s Industrial Tech program at the Clarinda High School.

Dave’s curriculum is vast, including Auto Tech, Small Engines, Computer Drafting, Architecture Drafting, Pre-Engineering and Home Improvement.

Sophomores Connor Stull and Rio Woodyard have been soaking up everything offered through Pre-Engineering, including the opportunity to learn 3D printing.

Working through advanced computer programs, students learn how to design and build 3D models that are actually put to practical use, including a splint Connor manufactured which was used to treat a fellow student’s injury. 

The students learn the fundamentals and apply their skills, ultimately seeing the fruits of their labors through a 3D plotter, or printer, which actually builds what they’ve designed right in Mr. Carper’s classroom setting.

It’s fascinating stuff that helps enhance lives and build futures and you can get a glimpse of what takes place within Mr. Carper’s video here at   

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