3D Printer Accessories and Parts, FYSETC Stepper Motor Driver Heat Sink Aluminum Heatsinks Cooling Fin Drivers Ultra-silent for TMC2100 A4988 DRV8825 TMC2208 TMC2130 Motor Driver – 12 Pcs, Black

Product Features

  • Excellent heat sinks and the adhesive: Work well for Reprap MKS Mendel stepper Driver TMC2100 DRV8825 LV8729 and other motherboard.
  • Excellent heat dissipation, comes with two extra heatsinks for gifts.
  • Size: 9*9*12 mm/ 0.35″x0.35″x0.47″.
  • Material: Aluminum, very light and easy to install,
  • Package included: 12 Pack Heatsinks + 2 extra heat sink. Need more help please contact us with Email. We will give you help within 24 hours.

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Norsk Earns Boeing Approval for Titanium Parts

Additive manufacturing pioneer Norsk Titanium (Hall 4, Stand 41430) comes to Farnborough International Airshow 2018 on the heels of announcing its U.S. Plattsburgh Development and Qualification Center (PDQC) in New York state has been added to Boeing’s Qualified Producers List. Dedicated last October, PDQC began qualified production of 3D printed structural titanium components for the 787 Dreamliner in mid May, making it the world’s first industrial-scale metal additive manufacturing plant.

At FIA, the Norwegian company is presenting a display of its proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD) technology.

Norsk’s RPD process uses titanium wire with plasma torches to print titanium structural components on an industrial scale, and the company claims it is manufacturing the industry’s first FAA-approved, 3D-printed, structural titanium parts. RPD can be used to produce large structural components weighing more than 100 pounds, is 50 to 100 times faster than powder-based systems and uses 25 to 50 percent less titanium than incumbent forging processes, according to Norsk. A modular manufacturing capability, the process can be integrated into any production line that manufactures titanium alloy parts, allowing for lean manufacturing infrastructure and overall efficiency improvements.

PDQC has nine of Norsk’s RPD titanium printing machines, created in partnership between Norsk and the state of New York, representing the advancement of technology that originated at the company’s Engineering and Technology Center in Norway, which continues to operate qualified and approved RPD machines. Each machine at PDQC is estimated to have an annual fabricating capacity of more than 20 metric tons.

Last summer Norsk announced a 60 percent expansion of the PDQC facility, which will produce aerospace components for Boeing, Spirit AeroSystems, and other aerospace manufacturers. The future site of the planned Norsk Titanium Production Center is less than half a mile from PDQC.

“Receiving this qualification from Boeing, now qualifying two Norsk sites for production across the globe, is a true vote of confidence in our service, quality, and disruptive RPD technology,” said Norsk COO Tamara Morytko.

Norsk sees growing demand for titanium parts in aerospace. Nearly half of the airframe of a modern airliner is composed of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic and other composites, which goes hand in hand with an increased use of titanium in place of aluminum where structural loading indicates metal is a preferred material system. Titanium can withstand comparable loads better than aluminum, has minimal fatigue concerns, and is highly resistant to corrosion. In the Boeing 787, titanium use has been expanded to roughly 14 percent of the total airframe.

Norsk estimates each Lockheed Martin F-35, at 30 percent titanium, requires the purchase of 30,000 pounds of the metal, most of which leaves the factory as scrap, waste that could be eliminated with RPD. Increases in commercial satellite constellations over the next few decades present additional opportunities, according to the company.

Last November Norsk announced a “significant investment” from Rose Park Advisors’ Disruptive Innovation Fund, known for its application of the theory of Disruptive Innovation developed by co-founder Clayton Christensen.

Recognizing the breakthrough RPD represents, in March Norsk shared with Boeing the Laureate Award from Aviation Week for extraordinary achievement in the global aerospace arena for creating the first additively manufactured structural titanium parts for a commercial aircraft. Additionally, consultancy Frost & Sullivan honored Norsk’s RPD with its 2017 Europe Technology Innovation Award.

#4-40 x 0.135″ Qty 50 Threaded Heat-Set Inserts used for connecting 3D printed and injection molded parts.

If you’ve done 3D printing, then you most likely have tried to connect some parts. Perhaps it’s an enclosure for an electronics project and mounting a circuit board to protect it. Maybe it’s a robotics or RC car project. Alternatively, you might be a professional architect or engineer modeling a prototype product. Using screws to tap straight into plastic might work once if the connection does not need to be too strong and doesn’t have to come apart. If you ever need to disassemble and reassemble multiple times, then you need to raise your game to include brass heat-set inserts. Brass inserts have small threads inside that hold #4-40 machine screws tightly. They have ridges and bumps on the outside to allow the melted plastic to wrap around, holding the insert tight into the plastic piece. Using a soldering iron with a special installation tip (search Amazon for B078K72615 ) makes it easy to install the inserts and extract the heated tip consistently without pulling the insert out of the plastic and ruining the part. Once the insert is installed you will have a much more robust and reusable way to connect 3D printed parts.

Product Features

  • Brass inserts help you to connect your 3D printed parts and enclosures.
  • Press into 3D printed parts with heated tip (Virtjoule installation tips ASN: B078K72615 ). Tip with insert on it melts plastic and forms tight bond. You can then use a #4-40 machine screw giving a strong connection.
  • Your 3D printed parts can be more easily assembled and disassembled multiple times. Placing a screw into regular plastic does not hold as well and will likely strip the plastic if done more than once, making it hard to reassemble with any connection strength.
  • With a 0.135″ length, these inserts are short and are most useful for parts that have limited space to mount or connect 3D printed objects. The #4-40 size allows for a small, but useful size machine screw that can be found at most hardware stores.
  • Useful for mounting circuit boards into 3D printed enclosures.

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Toolcool 50mmx50m 50mm Wide 3D Printer Blue Tape Bed Tape Masking Tape For 3D Printer Parts

Material:masking tape.


This produce is conform to ROHS environmental demand.
Widespread use in shoes,indoor decoration,electric machine,car,the furniture made
of iron or plastic,capacitor and electrics,precise electroplate.
Fit for connection organic silicon material.
Suitable to high temperature ,can up to high temperature 280 degree
Medium temperature can between 80 to 130 degree.

Base material:Masking paper
Thick: 0.14(mm)
Inflict temperature adhesive force N/2.5cm:10-25
Stretch forceN/2.5cm:>90<180
Temperature Resistance character:80-280

Package included:
1 x masking tape

Product Features

  • Masking tape is based on the import colorful masked paper.
  • One single face made of coating rubber pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • The other face made of anti-stick material.
  • Process of high temperature resistance,chemical resistance,with good sticky power.
  • The surface is soft and will not leave residue.

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2pcs KFL08 Pillow Block Bearing Flange Rhombic Bearings For Trapezoidal T8 Lead Screw 3D Printers Parts Mounted Stand Part

100% brand new and high quality
This Bearing is a self-aligning, pillow block bearing, you can adjust or replace the bearing easily.
The bearing has a wide inner ring with two set screws for attaching to the shaft.
Pillow Block Bearing Flange Block Bearing is widely used in various of machinery, especially in food machine

Specification: Product Name : Pillow Block Bearing;
Bearing Model :KFL08;
Material: Housing : Zinc Alloy
Bearing : Bearing Steel
Bearing Internal Diameter : 8mm/ 0.3″
Bearing Outside Diameter : 20mm/ 0.8″;
Bearing Width : 10mm/ 0.4″
Mount Hole Diameter : 5mm / 0.2″
Pillow Block Size : 45 x 25 x 10mm/ 1.8″ x 1″ x 0.4″ (L*W*T)

Product Features

  • Model: KFL08
  • Material: Housing : Zinc Alloy
    Bearing : Bearing Steel
  • Bearing Internal Diameter : 8mm/ 0.3″
  • Mount Hole Diameter : 5mm / 0.2″
  • Package included: 2 X Pillow Block Bearing

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