BALITENSEN MK8 Feed Device Right Hand for Makerbot CTC MK8 Dual Extruder 1.75 Filament / I3 3D Printer Part

Model Number:1.75mm filament
Material:ABS plastic
Teeth of gear:40 teeth copper driver gear
Side: right hand side

Item including

Right hand side ABS Extruder feeder part
40 teeth copper driver gear
PCS package ( screws,ball bearing,spring )

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RONGT Aluminum Alloy Version Bowden Extruder 3D Printers Parts Reprap Full Metal For Makerbot MK8 1.75mm Filament (Right)

Product Features

  • Alias: Extruder
  • Applicable machinery: 3D printer
  • Model: MK8
  • Specifications: right, left

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RepRap Champion All Metal Upgrade Kit Direct Drive Extruder DIY for RepRap 3D printer Prusa i3. Right version.

IMPORTANT: This right side extrder feeder version.

Depending on the type of extruder you are building using this kit, you might need different parts such as PC4-M6 tube fitting, 4mm OD 2mm ID Bowden Line PTFE tube, or M6 threaded hotend for direct feed extruder version.

Package contents:

1 x Aluminum main extruder body.
1 x Aluminum tension lever.
1 x Idler bearing for 1.75mm filament.
1 x Brass drive gear with 40 sharp teeth.
1 x High tension spring.
1 x Assembly screws.

Product Features

  • Right Side Extruder Feeder
  • CNC machined and anodized aluminum alloy parts
  • Easy to Assemble. Link to assembly instructions is included
  • You can assemble both: direct feed or bowden extruder with this feeder
  • For 1.75mm Filament size only

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Witbot DIY 3D Printer MK8 Extruder Aluminum Frame Block Kit for Reprap I3 Right Hand

Package Including:
1xMK8 Right Hand Extruder Aluminum Frame Block(Stepper Motor not Included)

Product Features

  • MK8 extruder aluminum block DIY kit set
  • Makerbot dedicated single nozzle (Right Side)
  • Extrusion head aluminum block For Reprap I3
  • Aluminum production, oxidation treatment
  • DIY aluminum block, need to assembly by yourself

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