Aulley Assembled Extruder Part Hot End 3D Printer Nozzle Direct Feed Printing Single Feedstock Head Kit for MK8

1pcs 0.4 for Mk8 nozzle(also can replace the nozzle with 0.2/0.3/0.5mm).
1pcs heater(20x20x10mm).
1pcs 1.1m heat sensitive resistance with wire, 1pcs heat sensitive copper cover.
1pcs 1m heating tube 12v 40w.
1pcs throat pipe: M6x30mm, one end of thread inner diameter is 4mm(inner hole size), depth is 20mm, another end of diameter is 2mm(inner hole), depth is 10mm, screw outer diameter 6mm. The tube core is about 20mm, the outer diameter is 4mm, and the inner diameter is 2mm.
1pcs pipe fitting nut(M6 nut).
Tip of the nozzle, aluminum heating block, throat pipe.
Extruder hot end kit, white wire was temperature thermistor, red wire was heating tube.
Scope of application: 3D printer.

Material: aluminum alloy.
Working temperature: 260℃.
Product color: as pictures show.

Package included:
1 * 3D printer nozzle kit.

Product Features

  • Throat pipe: M6x30mm, one end of thread inner diameter is 4mm(inner hole size), depth is 20mm, another end of diameter is 2mm(inner hole), depth is 10mm, screw outer diameter 6mm
  • 3D printer assembled extruder kit has 0.4 for Mk8 nozzle,which also can replace the nozzle with 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm
  • 3D printer nozzle kit includes 1.1m heat sensitive resistance with wire and heat sensitive copper cover
  • Tip of the nozzle of the assembled extruder for 3D printer, aluminum heating block, throat pipe
  • Extruder hot end kit, white wire was temperature thermistor, red wire was heating tube

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Hamineler 6PCS 12V 40W Single End Cartridge Heater Heating Tube 1m

Product Features

  • Voltage: 12v, Power: 40w
  • Diameter: 6mm ; Length: 20mm
  • Wire Length :1m
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Recommend Safe Working Temperature : <300°C

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Single wafer box for wafer quarters

New Features to Improve… 3DPX API is Now Available · Building a 3D Heart Library · Featured in Make Magazine! Recap: White House Maker Faire …

MBOT DIY Plywood 3D Printer Assembly Kit with Single Head Extruder and 240 x 220 x 200 Build Volume

The design of the 3DPrinter Kit combines advantages of both the previous kits and the Grid series. The number of screws is reduced to 50 from 127. Hence the assembly efficiency is increased, as well as the experience of DIY is more enjoyable

  • Print Accuracy – 0.1mm
  • Print Material – PLA/ABS
  • Layer Thickness – 0.1 – .3mm
  • Material Diameter – 1.75mm
  • Print Technology – FDM – Fused deposition modelling
  • Human-computer interaction – LCD2004 Screen
  • Nozzle Diameter – 0.4mm
  • Type of Power Supply – 150W
  • Input – USB Cable/SD card
  • Net Weight – 8kg
  • Shipping Volume – 610x510x170mm (WxDxH)
  • Gross weight – 9.2kg
  • Build Volume(WxDxH) – 240x220x200mm (WxDxH)
  • Software – Repetier
  • Product Dimensions – 410x400x410mm (WxDxH)
  • Design File – STL
  • Nozzle Temperature <260c
  • Compatible Software – Win7/8/10/vista/Linux/Mac OS X
  • Printing Speed – 90-120mm/s

    Product Specifications

  • Material of Body – Basswood board
  • Build Plate Leveling – Manual leveling
  • Interface Language – English
  • Heated Bed (Available – Optional)
  • Number of Extruders – 1
  • Filament Run Out Detection (Optional)

    Product Features

    • Easy to Assemble, Easy Set up. Start printing your projects almost immediately after setup
    • Multiple Materials Supported – PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, ASA etc (Temp. under 260 C)
    • Print Technology – FDM – Fused deposition modelling
    • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/vista, Linux and Mac OS X
    • Includes all the tools needed to assemble.

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  • Pxmalion Mini 3D Printer, Single Extruder, Build Size 4”x5.3”x4.7, High Accuracy, Metal Frame Structure with Monitor, Works with PLA Filament (Black)

    The design of Pxmalion Ant Mini is compact and simple. Those ball linear motion guides ensure the positioning accuracy. The stout sheet steel case enables the stability. Featured with small size, ease of use, good print precision, this 3D printer is proper to be used in a wide range of industries.

    ● High precision screws for Z motion
    ● Pxmalion MKS-Mini-II mother board
    ● Nozzle assembly with efficient cooling
    a. 0.4 mm brass nozzle, aperture reamed to no more than ±0.01mm tolerance, smooth extrusion is guaranteed.
    b. Ball bearing cooling fan, much better than the ones with slide bearing in terms of performance and service life, enables stable nozzle temperature (max.245°C), evenness of plastic.
    c. The nozzle is design with channels to guide the wind to achieve quick cooling result to ensure a favorable printing environmen.
    ● 3:1 ratio CNC cut gears to drive the extruder
    a. Less torque required to push the filament than other designs
    b. Tough, light components of engineering plastic
    ● Stepper motors customized for Pxmalion
    ● 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy high efficiency heating print bed
    ● Elaborately designed mechanical components
    a. The structural components are all machined metal
    b. Brass nut for the driving screw, low friction, high wear-resistance and long service life

    – Machine Dimension: 8″DIAx13″H
    – Build Volume: 4″x5.3″x4.7″
    – Build Accuracy: 0.1mm
    – Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
    – Printing Speed: 0-120mm/s
    – Layer Thickness: 0.05-0.2mm
    – Printing Material: 1.75mm PLA
    – AC Input: 7A, 50Hz- 60Hz, 120W
    – Net Weight: 15.4lbs

    Accessories Include:
    1 x Pxmalion Ant Mini 3D Printer
    1 x Epoxy platform top
    1 x Power cable
    1 x Glue
    1 x SD card
    1 x SD card reader
    1 x Tool Kits

    Product Features

    • Compact Design
      The Ant Mini has an open frame, with no window or door in front; the build area is 4 by 5.3 by 4.7 inches with smooth print quality.

    • Hi-Effecient Cooling Nozzle
      0.4mm brass nozzle with aperture reamed to no more than ±0.01mm tolerance for smooth extrusion guarantee.

    • Misprint-Free Consistency
      The 2 ball screws for Z motion are driven by 1 motor, the uninterrupted synchronization of them is promised.

    • Sophisticatedly Constructed Coupler
      Made with 4A01 silicon aluminum alloy, the coupler to connect the motor and screw can be resistant to operating environment in high temperature. Every flexible component is proven to be used with ease in forceful vibration condition to against unexpected load or impact.

    • Easy to Use
      PxmalionPrint is compatible with many mainstream systems in the market. You can use various colored PLA filaments to print your design.

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